Enterprise Days 2017 Speakers


Paul Buffington, Atlassian

After 15 years of consulting in the ITSM industry Paul joined the Atlassian team. As a Principal Solutions Engineer Paul works closely with enterprise customers to ensure their teams realize the greatest value from Atlassian products. “My focus on ITSM spans across various products including, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence, HipChat, StatusPage & the Atlassian Data Center offerings. I also provide partner enablement to ensure Atlassian partners are successful in helping customers deploy enterprise solutions that reshape the way they deliver IT support.” Beyond work Paul enjoys spending time with family and their three golden retrievers. He’s a passionate cyclist and photographer. You can follow him on Twitter: @Service_Ninja

Paul is the Atlasssian keynote and will also join several discussions on stage as well as being part of the panel talk on October 4.

Customer Stories

Swati Jain and Simone Chen, cPrime

Swati is a dynamic cross-functional leader helping organizations with various aspects of business optimization initiatives including Service Management, Agile Transformations, Enterprise Program Management, and Software Product Development. She has a broad range of experience in industries spanning Management Consulting, e-Commerce, Education, Publishing, Retail, Finance, and Healthcare.

Simone specializes in the management of software development, service management and process development projects of varying sizes and complexity for Fortune 500 companies. Simone was involved in the configuration of numerous Atlassian instances and, subsequently, in teaching users how to effectively utilize the newly configured solutions. She has helped companies like Genentech, Illumina, Kohl’s, NetApp, The Trade Desk, Agilent, and more.

Swati will be presenting all fresh customer success stories, one being “The Trade Desk Success Story” – JIRA Service Desk for HR Service Management. Simone will be co-presenting on the key ways to optimize Confluence to enhance searchability, browsability, and standardization.

At cPrime, Swati is responsible for successful development and delivery of Service Management Initiatives across the portfolio of client engagements. Her objective is to help customers deliver optimal business value through improved team collaboration and business transparency while reducing bottlenecks and cycle time throughout the request lifecycle. Her approach to Solution Design and Architecture is largely focused on breaking down barriers across the organization so that problems can be understood at its root and solved effectively.

She and her team has spent over the last two years in establishing a strong portfolio of advance Service Management solutions for their customers ranging from HR ops, CRM, Asset Management, IT Help operations, and Client Service operations. She is a strong advocate of standardization and automation of repeatable processes with a well-balanced approach towards process guardrails and flexibility. She believes in the exponential potential of team work and is passionate to help teams reach their potential each day.

Lucas Dussurget, Valiantys

Lucas Dussurget has been using Atlassian tools for over 8 years and joined Valiantys in 2012 to set up their UK operations. He has worn many hats, from sales to consulting and from accounting to marketing. He is now working as Vice President of Corporate Development, focusing on international operations and partner relations.

Listen to Lucas presenting exciting Insight customer cases, covering from CRM, Employee Skills Matrix to Team Management. You don´t want to miss this presentation.

Mikael Falkvidd has a background as Product Owner at one of Ericsson’s SaaS offerings and Development Team Lead at OP5. Mikael will share his best tips & tricks on how to handle the technical challenges of product management at software development companies.

Olle Friman, Kindred Group

Olle is Service Desk and Tools Support Manager at Kindred Group (former Unibet). He joined Kindred in 2003 and has an impressive resume, from Technical Project Manager CRM at Abalon to Java Developer and Project Manager at Industri-Matematik AB.

JIRA was first set up by Olle in 2003 and right after a Confluence implementation followed. Olle, as an early adopter of these tools, saw the potential to use these tools for any type of department and not just for IT. This have led to an extensive and successful usage of Atlassian tools at Kindred.

Olle is managing the Atlassian tools at Kindred together with an outsourced team at Tata Consultancy Services in India.

Olle will take the stage with Kurtis Radcliffe and present the Kindred Group Customer Story – Eliminating process gaps with Insight.

Kurtis Radcliffe, Kindred Group

Kurtis is an Experienced System Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the the IT industry. Skills include Business Processes, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Technical Recruiting, and Project Management. Kurtis graduated with a Bachelor in Science (B.S.) focused in Computer Science from The University of Salford.

Kurtis will join Olle Friman on stage and present the Kindred Group Customer Story – Eliminating process gaps with Insight.

Tommy Nordahl, Riada

Tommy is the CEO of Riada. With a deep technical background and business understanding, he runs Riada together with the amazing team. “My work is my hobby, there is nothing more fun than seeing our customers succeed and our employees strive.

Tommy will be opening Enterprise Days and lead interesting discussions on stage with both Paul Buffington as well as other presenters.

Mathias is the CTO and product development lead at Riada. “It’s a really good feeling to see our customers moving towards a more streamlined and easier work by using our products.”

Mathias will among other things present the latest news on Insight as well as the roadmap. You´ll also most likely find Mathias in the Insight Tech Bar, join him there and ask all you ever wanted about Insight.

In Lisa´s previous career she had positions like Project Manager, Account Manager, Product Owner and Product Delivery Lead at a number of software product companies throughout Europe. “I mix an interest in organizational studies, as well as an academic degree in human and social science with years of experience in technical config management to achieve good solutions for my customers.”

Lisa will share the exciting story of how she and the team are transforming public transport with JIRA at Västtrafik. You want to check this out!

As IT-support manager at Dahl Kristina was responsible for the Jira service desk setup. The IT support process and tool needed an update, and Jira was chosen with the objective to work with simple processes and a close connection to the business. Kristina is an ITIL expert and as worked within the IT service management area since 2009.

With a growing company, a competitive market and increasing demands on IT, Dahl needed to improve their IT delivery and processes. Hear Kristina talk about how this was done in a successful way. This included introducing ITIL processes, a new tool and bringing people onboard.

Rickard Hyllenstam has a background from software development and consulting in the IT-business. Since he joined Riada he has created complex solutions with JIRA Service Desk, Insight and groovy scripting.

Rickard will share his work with Insight @ MTG together with Niklas Gotting.

Niklas is the System Owner for the Atlassian Suite at MTG Technology. He considers himself as a “process and tools” geek. Further he has over 25 years of IT-experience from different industries, like enterprise applications, e-health and customer service at Infor/Lawson/Intentia and Cambio.

Niklas will join Rickard on stage and share their work with Insight @ MTG.

Anna Persson, Nordnet

As Head of Delivery at Nordnet Anna was hired to work tight with Tech, as well as the entire organisation, to identify ways to increase the frequency of product deliveries. By aligning the entire organisation around the Atlassian suite (JIRA, Confluence and HipChat) Nordnet has minimized handovers and documentation overhead.

Anna has a strong engineering background and long experience of product and project management from fintech and telecom.

Therese is the Site Manager (and Atlassian Consultant) at Riada in Gothenburg, she has a long experience as an IT consultant and Atlasssian consultant at Mogul, Volvo Finans and Acando. “I am basically a Java developer and studied computer science at the University of Gothenburg.”

Check out Therese presenting the Stavdal Customer Story on the main stage, October 4.

Marc Morata, Schibsted

Marc Morata is Service Owner for Global Collaboration at Schibsted. For the last 2 years he´s been working with delivering the tools needed for a big company that has offices and cross-team projects around the world. “We try to provide our colleagues with tools that empower their daily work.”

Marc will take us through the world of DevOps at Schibsted. Tune in!

Sponsor Presenters

To contact Raimonds, email: raimonds.simanovskis@eazybi.com

Raimonds Simanovskis is the founder and core developer of business intelligence web application, eazyBI. A software developer and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in IT service business, a strong “enterprise software development” history, and a background in Oracle technologies. He is a passionate Ruby and JavaScript developer and a regular open source contributor.

Raimonds will take the stage on both Insight Day and Enterprise Day, presenting: Analyze JIRA and other add-on data with eazyBI.

eazyBI is a powerful visualization and analysis add-on for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud. With eazyBI you can create custom JIRA reports, charts, and dashboards with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. You can visualize your data using many interactive chart types. Analyze data from JIRA Software or JIRA Service Desk standard or custom fields. Identify opportunities, challenges, risks, and trends. Add custom calculations or import data from most popular 3rd party add-ons like Tempo Timesheets, Zephyr, Xray, and others. Add and merge data from external data sources like SQL databases, REST API, CSV, and Exel spreadsheets.

To contact Eyglo, email: eyglo@tempo.io

Eyglo works as a sales and customer success manager at Tempo. She received her B.S.c degree in finance from University of San Francisco in 2013 while also playing golf competitively for the school team. In 2016 she graduated with M.S.c degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden in 2016.

See how the Tempo stack works with other add-ons to make a dynamite PPM solution. Eyglo will present: Project Portfolio Management with Tempo

Genevieve Blanch, RefinedWiki

To contact Genevieve, email: marketing@refinedwiki.com

Genevieve is the Marketing Manager at RefinedWiki in Malmö, Sweden. She is dedicated to the development and implementation of brand strategy, corporate communications, and product marketing. Moreover she thoroughly enjoys getting technical and helping customers improve their Atlassian solutions. Genevieve hails from Australia but has traded in the warmer weather for cinnamon buns (kanelbulle), cosy Fridays (fredags mys) and Scandinavia’s incredible nature.

Genevieve will present: RefinedWiki – How to customize Confluence and Jira Service Desk, the simple way

Eugene Sokhransky, ALM Works

To contact Eugene, email: eugene@almworks.com

Eugene joined ALM Works over 7 years ago and over this time had a chance to answer thousands of support requests and helped hundreds of JIRA users to overcome the complexity of managing large projects and to streamline the work process with the help of Structure and other ALM Works tools.

Currently he shares many roles at ALM Works working as a product expert, head of support and bizdev manager and is always willing to share his experience both inside and outside the company.

Florian Zöllner, Communardo

To contact Florian, email: florian.zoellner@communardo.de

Florian is Consultant at Communardo, specializing in Confluence and HipChat. He’s enthusiasticly promoting topics such as Social Intranet, Knowledge Management, conception and training for Atlassian platforms. Starting as a working student, he got in touch with the Atlassian ecosystem five years ago, now supporting customers finding the best solutions for their system environment.

Florian will present: One Confluence for all – 3 examples of creating catalogs in your wiki.

To contact Davin, email: davin@k15t.com

Davin Pukulis is Director of Marketing for K15t Software, a best-selling app vendor and one of the top Atlassian Solution Partners in Europe. He’s at the helm of a small team doing big things in the Atlassian ecosystem through an unwavering customer focus and an emphasis on connecting solutions to those who they can offer the most value to.

Davin will present: Deliver a Useful (and Beautiful) Help Center Right from Confluence

Marten Thorand & Thomas Heidenreich, //SEIBERT/MEDIA

To contact Marten, email: mthorand@seibert-media.net

Marten Thorand and Thomas Heidenreich are senior Atlassian consultants at //SEIBERT/MEDIA. They help customers using Jira and the Atlassian Stack and adjust it to their individual needs. Their work includes creating concepts for specific requirements, workflow and screen configuration and Service Desk configuration with automated asset management.

Marten & Thomas will present: Personalized social intranet with Linchpin – even stronger with professional diagramming

Linchpin is a fully developed and efficient social intranet platform based on Confluence, that focuses on effective collaboration and reduces complexity by means of user-specific customization. It covers both the requirements of users and the needs of management. Linchpin is an intuitive, straight-forward collaboration system that promotes modern, autonomous teamwork and knowledge management system.

As visual communication has risen to become the dominant form of communication on the web, draw.io offers an easy way to create and share complex information directly within your intranet. From mind-mapping, modeling relationships, designing layouts for software interfaces, creating process diagrams and mapping factory layouts: draw.io offers a powerful and easy-to-use solution.

David García, DEISER

To contact David, email: david.garcia@deiser.com

David´s career as a Software Engineer has granted him experience during seven years where he has worked empowering Agile Teams for international companies and building his own business in Turkey. Right now he is helping DEISER’s orchestra to create smart apps for the Atlassian ecosystem, adding more value for customers.

Would you like to have status information or priority of your projects in JIRA? What about a due date? Or the total worked hours? Probably you would, but you can’t, right? We have built Profields with this in mind, so you and your team can add, manage and visualize all the specific project information fields you need, easily, just a click away.

David will present:
Profields 5: Manage, customize and visualize project specific information in JIRA like never before.

Milena Lech, InTENSO

To contact Milena, email: milena.lech@intenso-group.com

Working at InTENSO, Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner form Poland, Milena helps customers improve their JIRA experience using marketplace add-ons. Leading the Support team and administering Jira, she has gained a unique insight on Jira Service Desk.

Milena will present: JIRA Service Desk Features Extended